Sampson primers provide strong adhesion to metal and improve the durability of the topcoat.

Primers are a subset of the category "Undercoaters" and are formulated for use over metal substrate.

Undercoaters intended for wood are called "Sealers".
Undercoaters intended for concrete are called "Block fillers" or "Fillers".

WeatherBrite Acrylic Latex DTM Primer

WeatherBrite Acrylic Latex DTM Primer is a premium quality 100% acrylic waterborne primer for use on new, unpainted or previously painted surfaces. It is highly recommended for galvanized metal and may be used under latex, alkyd, oil or strong solvent-based industrial topcoats.

  • Corrosion Resistance

  • Excellent Color Retention

  • One Coat Coverage

          026400- Red  026800- Gray               

Exterior Alkyd Quick Dry Shopcoat Primer

Quick Dry Shopcoat Primer is an economical, fast drying primer for use on exterior or interior iron and steel. It provides field corrosion protection.

It is not formulated for use as a finish coat or for use on wood, masonry, aluminum, galvanized steel, copper, brass or stainless steel.

  • Quick Dry

  • Stain Resistance

  • Smooth Flow

  • 131400- Red 

  • 131800- Gray

Ceramel Rustproof Primer

Ceramel Rustproof Primer is a durable and easy to apply primer for both interior and exterior use.Exterior metal surfaces must be properly prepared in order to secure a good adhesion between the primer and the metal surface.

  • Durability

  • Water Resistance

  • Oil Resistance

  • Easy Application

  • 021548- Gray

  • 021549- Red

Sentrx Rust Preventative Primer

Sentrx Rust Preventative Primer is a phenolic-modified alkyd primer formulated for interior and exterior iron, steel and galvanized steel surfaces. Its alkyd phenolic vehicle provides good wetting, adhesion and resistance to lifting. Its anti-corrosive pigmentation provides excellent rust inhibition and weathering. It may be welded without producing toxic fumes.

It is an ideal primer for machinery including farm and construction equipment, structural steel, rail cars and metal parts requiring rust protection and durability. It can be reduced with exempt solvents such as acetone to improve application. It is free of lead and chromate hazards and is packed in compliance with 16 CFR part 1303.

  • Quick Dry

  • Stain Resistance

  • Smooth Flow

  • 135200- Yellow

  • 135400- Red

  • 135800- Gray

  • 135900- Black

Zinc Metal Primer

Zinc Metal Primer is a zinc alkyd primer formulated to provide excellent corrosion resistance to metal substrates such as structural steel. It is our primer with the best resistance to severe environmental conditions.

Excellent Corrosion Resistance
Excellent Film Barrier Properties

  • 133701